Geometric Art

I wanted to make some easy art that was crisp, clean, and perfect for summer. We came up with a geometric design that looks pretty chic if I do say so myself. This is a very simple DIY project. All you need is 3M painter's tape, a blank canvas, and spray paint!  


Geometric Art

What you need
White Canvas
3M painters tape
2 colors of spray paint

1. Tape your canvas along all four sides. This will be your white border. 

2. Next you want to place two longer pieces of tape vertically down the center of your canvas, then add smaller pieces between the columns at different angles to make the geometric pattern. 

3. Spray paint all the white canvas areas that are peeking through the tape with one solid dark color and let dry.

4. Once the first coat is dry, you want to add a couple random pieces of tape on top of your already painted geometric triangles and lightly spray a lighter color over top. Just Barely. Don't go crazy. Let dry then remove all tape.