About Jessie

Hi ya'll. I am Jessie, mama to Lily and Olive, founder of Lilyshop Inc., and maker of all things creative. I love crafting, baking, cooking, and wearing sweatpants all the time. I go to Disneyland way too often. I am a total neat freak. I love confident people, strong women, and guys with beards. I like holding hands and I love hearing I love you. My babies are my life and I would do anything for them. If I could only eat one type of food every day it would be tacos. I am obsessed with gummy bears, coffee, and super comfy blankets. My favorite place I have ever visited is Italy. My second favorite is Japan. I love the feeling of traveling somewhere new. I love the rain. I love New York during winter. And I love that feeling of spending Christmas morning with people you love. My favorite show is I Love Lucy and I have every episode recorded so I can watch it all the time. I don't like scary movies, mashed potatoes make me gag, pumpkin pie is pretty awful as well, and so are people who don't say thank you when you hold open the door for them. I use to be a perfectionist and I had my life all perfectly planned out at one point, but sometimes what we plan isn't what was intended for us so cheers to being perfectly imperfect, to not settling for just ok, to less stuff, more happiness, less planning, more living, taking chances, loving unconditionally, being vulnerable, and to always taking the high road, because the view is undoubtedly better. Welcome to my new website, jessiedaye.com.