Taco Card

Let's taco 'bout this card for a sec.

It's perfect for Taco Tuesday, Cinco De Mayo, or my Uncle Ricky's birthday which happens to be today : )

It's easy peasy and who doesn't love a giant felt taco!? 

Scroll down for the tutorial ...


DIY Felt Taco Card

What you need
(1) sheet stiff green felt
(1) sheet stiff red felt
(1) sheet soft brown felt (for the meat)
(1) sheet soft white felt (for the sour cream)
(1) sheet soft bright yellow felt (for the cheese)
(1) sheet yellow wool felt (for the taco shell)
Fabric scissors
Hot glue

1. Fold your soft yellow wool felt in half and using sharp fabric scissors, cut around the top of both pieces until it resembles a taco shell. If your wool felt is a little wrinkled you may have to iron it flat.

2. Open up the taco shell and place your brown felt on top. Using s piece of chalk, trace all the way around so you have the same dimensions for the meat. Cut the brown felt and hot glue it to the inside of your shell. I cut the top of my meat off because real tacos don't have meat going all the way to the top of the shell. I wanted mine to show just on the bottom portion. Be sure to use only a small amount of hot glue as the felt is soft and you don't want it to seep through. 

3. Cut jagged pieces of green felt and hot glue around the meat. Get creative where you place the green felt. The lettuce should hang out like a real taco. 

4. Cut out 6 red 1" squares for the tomatoes and using hot glue, place them under and above the lettuce.

5. If you wish to add sour cream, cut a small squiggly line of sour cream and place it at the top of the taco, peeking out from underneath the shell.

6. Lastly, cut tiny small pieces of cheese. I basically just cut 1" slivers. Carefully glue them all over the taco. You can use another type of glue for these tiny pieces if you are worried you will burn yourself with the hot glue.