Donut Garland

We take National Donut Day very seriously at work. Mmmmmm, I love donuts. This donut garland is so simple. Perfect for a birthday party, a baby shower, or just National Donut Day! Download the Lilyshop Donut Template and follow the tutorial below. 


Donut Garland

What you need
Beige, brown, and light pink construction paper
Spray Glue
Real sprinkles
Hole Punch

1. Print out the Lilyshop Donut Template.

2. Trace the donuts and the frosting on your construction paper and cut out.

3. Using 3M spray glue, attach the donut frosting to each donut cut out.

4. Using a tad bit more of spray glue lightly dust the top of the donut and quickly cover with sprinkles. You could also use tin dabs of Elmer's glue for this. Let dry.

5. Hole punch both sides of each donut and run a piece of twine through the holes and hang!