No-Sew Zipper Back Tees

No-sew you say!? That's righhhhhht baby. This is easy peasy and so on-trend! I love these zipper tanks. I first did this on Home and Family on the Hallmark Channel. See the tutorial below! 


No-Sew Zipper Back Tees

What you need
Tank top or t-shirt (nothing too thick - thin cotton works best) 
Fabric scissors
Permanent bonding tape or needle and thread
20" zipper or zipper that fits your shirt length
Goo gone

1. Lay your tank face down on a flat surface and iron smooth. Measure from collar down to the bottom of your tank and pick the correct sized zipper from your fabric store. 

2. Carefully apply your bonding tape to both sides of the back of the zipper. It will hang off the edges, but that's ok. You want to make sure it covers the entire edge of your zipper so it doesn't peel off the shirt. Now use your regular scissors and cut off the hanging portion of the bonding tape. It will make your scissors very sticky so make sure you have goo gone handy so you can wipe them clean. 

3. Lay the zipper on the outside of your shirt (running down the back of your shirt from collar to bottom) to make sure it fits then pick it up and carefully pull back the tape on both sides. Pull it straight with both hands while you press it down to the back of your shirt. Be careful not to stretch your shirt or it won't fit the length of your zipper. Run your fingers down the zipper sides, making sure to press all the sticky bonding tape down to the shirt. The tape has a little give at first of you misplace the shirt but once you fully press down and iron it will be permanent so work slowly. 

4. Now you have two options, you can unzip the shirt and cut in between the zipper so when you unzip the shirt your back shows or you can leave the shirt so it's like a faux zipper on the back. 

Wash by hand ❤️

IP: There are two types of zippers: Zippers that don't have a locked top/bottom, meaning if you unzip the zipper it fully opens and then a locked zipper, sort of like a zipper for pants that has a metal piece at top and bottom. If you want your zipper to completely unzip your shirt make sure you get a zipper with no metal pieces at top and bottom, meaning if you unzip this zipper it fully opens (like a sweatshirt) and you have two separate halves.