Dip Dyed Watermelon Clothing

When I think of summer in LA I think of ....
Hot leather seats.
The smell of spray tan.
Pinkberry yogurt.
Breakfast at Coogies in Malibu.
Shopping on 3 rd street.
Rude, sweaty people.
And watermelon.
Seriously, what's a summer without rude, sweaty people and watermelon? Ok, totally could do without the sweaty people. Hold on ...... wait.

Totally off subject, but speaking of sweat .... has anyone tried those organic all naturALLLL deodorants? I mean COME ON people! I was in Whole Foods two weeks ago and I was feeling extra fancy and super organic, because that is how you feel when you walk into Whole Foods. It's like you have to check your Cheetos at the door and detox before you grab a cart. So anyway, I bought a natural deodorant while I was there and I literally have smelled like butt ever since. No seriously, like the deodorant gives you BO. A friend of mine experienced the exact same thing so I know I'm not crazy. Why would anyone want to add BO to their body? I mean, I smell better without the natural deodorant.
Don't be fooled my creative friends.

And now I must segue into what this post is really about ....
my gorgeous children and their awesome watermelon clothes. I dip dyed basic white tanks on yesterday's episode of Home and Family and turned them into awesome watermelon tanks. 


Dip Dyed Watermelon Clothing

What you need
White tanks, shorts, leggings, socks, or shoes
Cherry Red Liquid RIT or Hot Pink Liquid RIT
Green Liquid RIT
Squeeze bottle
Large pot filled with water
Black Fabric Paint
Stencil or pencil with eraser tip & X-acto Knife

1. Dampen your white shorts or jeans in water and wring dry.

2. Prepare your first pot by filling it half way with hot water and adding half a bottle of liquid red RIT. Stir to combine color then dip the bottom half of your shorts. Hold shorts in coloring for about 5 minutes if you want intense color.

3. Carefully Rinse bottom portion of shorts in water until water runs clear.

4. Prepare second pot of water with green liquid RIT. Turn your shorts over and dip the top half of your shorts in the green water. The color will take immediately. Hold for 5 minutes for more intense color. Remove from pot and carefully rinse till water runs clear.

5. Now check for any color spots you may have on the white portion of the shorts. If you see any color that splashed up you can fill a squeeze bottle with a little bleach and bleach out those spots. Rinse carefully and let dry.

6. Squeeze some black fabric paint onto a piece of cardboard and using an X-acto knife cut the eraser tip on your pencil into the shape of a watermelon seed or create a little stencil with paper and pencil. Using eraser, dab black fabric paint seeds all over shorts. Hand wash.