Flash Tattoo Easter eggs

How cool is this?
I am obsessed.
Obsessed, like Mason jar obsessed.
Obsessed, like  chocolate Cadbury Easter egg obsessed.
Obsessed like well, you get the point.
These are awesome and you can use any fake tattoo. Flash tattoos. Spiderman tattoos. Princess tattoos. Mix and match and let your kids get creative. This is a really fun project for the entire family. Why does this sound like an Ovaltine commercial. Who am I today. It's all rainbows and puppies over here. Scroll down and see the tutorial and watch it on our Youtube channel. Side Note: I had 103 fever when I filmed this clip hence the reason I sound like death.


How to make Flash Tattoo Easter Eggs

What you need
Fake tattoos (I used Flash Tattoos)
A paper towel
A hollowed out Egg

1. Blow out a real egg or use a hard boiled egg (DO NOT eat the egg after)

2. Make sure the surface is clean. If you choose to dye your egg beforehand just make sure it is dry before applying your fake tattoo.

3. Remove the plastic protective sheet on the fake tattoo and place it face down to your egg. 

4. Soak a paper towel in water and press it directly over the flash tattoo so the paper is completely saturated. Leave the paper towel on the tattoo for about a minute, gently dabbing it. DO NOT rub it or you will mess up the tattoo.

5. Carefully peal back the paper backer and gently dab the actual tattoo on your egg with the wet paper towel. Let dry.