Easter Bunny Candle


DIY Easter Bunny Candle

What you need
4 lbs candle wax
26 oz Mason Jar
3 large wicks
Tacky Glue
Hot glue
1 White pom
White felt
Peach felt
Bunny Ear template

1. Dot some tacky glue on the bottom of the metal portion of the wicks and stick all three at the base of the glass mason jar in a triangle pattern and let dry.

2. Melt your wax in a glass bowl over a double boiler. Gradually pour the wax into the mason jar using a paper cup. Keep melting the wax and adding it to the mason jar.

3. Place chopsticks across the mouth of the jar and use them to keep the wicks standing completely upright. You do not want the wicks to tip over while the wax hardens. 

4. Once the wax hardens you can cut your wicks so they are half an inch long.

5. Download the bunny ears and trace the larger ear onto the white felt and cut out two ears.

6. Using the peach felt, cut out two of the inner portions of the ear.

7. Using tacky glue secure the peach inner ear to the middle of the white portion of the ear and hot glue both ears on the bottom front portion of the ear and secure to the top of the jar.

8. With a dab of hot glue attach the white pom as well.