Punk Rock Easter Eggs

It's not all pastels and sugar .....
Misfit Easter Eggs.
Say no more. 


Punk Rock Easter Eggs

What you need
1 hard boiled or blown out egg
Black and Red Tissue Paper
Piece of scrap material

1. Hollow out your egg and place it in an egg carton or something stable so it doesn't roll around.

2. Cut out a 2" x 3" rectangle out of the red tissue paper and fringe one side. (cut strips on one side so it looks like a mohawk. Do not cut all the way through the paper. Leave the bottom of the rectangle as one strip and glue that strip down the back of the egg.

3. Using the black tissue paper cut out little sunglasses and glue them to the front of the egg.

4. Tie or glue a piece of scrap material over the front of the egg so it looks like a handkerchief over the face. I also added a little temporary tattoo to the side for fun.