DIY Oreo Drink Coasters

I have an obsession with fake food.

I don't know what it is, but every time I see those fake ice cubes in drinks at William Sonoma or those fake lemons and cakes I have to touch them. I am that freak in the corner taking out all the pretend strawberries and rubbing the fake ice cube on my hand. OMG and the fake cheese!! Don't even get me started. I'm intrigued with fake food. I think it started when I was a kid. I would always play restaurant and my favorite aisle in Toys"R"Us was the play food aisle. So naturally as I have matured into a real life adult with children and responsibilities I now buy play food for my own daughters so we can all share in the obsession. Olive is quite obsessed as well so I don't have to feel quite as weird because now I just pretend like I'm making fake food for her, when really it's just me wanting to be a kid again. Case in point these Oreo coasters. Pleaseeeeeee who wouldn't want these bad boys!? They are happiness. And they are super easy. Scroll down for the tutorial fake foodies.


Double Stuffed Oreo Drink Coasters

What you need
(4) 3" Cork Coasters (From the craft store)
Black Paint
Dark Brown paint
White paint
Paint Brushes

1. On a piece of cardboard or painters pallet squeeze out a tablespoon of black paint and add one dab of dark brown paint to your black paint and mix well. 

2. Paint two coasters (one side only and sides) with the black/brown paint. Let dry.

3. Paint remaining two cork coasters white only on the edges and let dry.

4. Glue two white pieces together and sandwich between two black/brown pieces and glue everything together. Let dry.