Egg Carton Checkers

Egggggggcellent DIY ahead.

Hoppy Easter. Xx

Egg Carton Easter Checkers

What you need
(2) Egg crates
Pink and Yellow paint
48 Google Eyes
Hot Glue
Orange and Pink construction paper

1. Cut your egg cartons in half and then cut each individual cavity. 

2. Paint 12 yellow and 12 pink. Let dry.

3. Hot glue or glue googley eyes to all of the little pieces.

4. Using a sharpie draw a bunny face on all the bunnies.

5. Trace and cut 24 basic bunny ears out of the pink construction paper and 12 tiny beaks (diamond shape) out of the orange construction paper. Fold the bottom of the bunny ears and attach with hot glue. Fold the beaks (diamonds) in half and attach with glue.