Valentine Heart Jars

So I moved to a new city and this morning I was looking to find a primary care physician closer to me so I googled "best physician near me".
My top two results were the following:
Universal 420 Doctors
Studio City Marijuana Card Doctor

Not exactly what I was referring to when I typed in best physician, but to be fair the second one has 5 stars, 331 reviews, and whatever service they offer would probably make my ear infection feel a lot better! For the hell of it I browsed the reviews.

"Chill environment"
"Very cool"
"Talked about skateboarding"
"Flatscreen - cool"

I love LA. To anyone looking for a new doctor try "primary care family physician near me". You'll find what you are looking for. For all other inqueries search the above. 

Oh and I think we are supposed to be talking about Valentine jars. These are prettttttty and they would make a perfect teacher's gift. Make 'em. Xx

Valentine Heart Jars

What you need
Glass mason jar with lid
Painters tape
Krylon spray paint

1. Apply tape to jar in whatever shape you desire. To make the heart I placed two overlapping pieces of extra wide painters tape on my marble counter top and used scissors to cut out a heart shape. I then pressed it onto my jar.

2. Make sure lid is on your jar while you spray paint because you do not want any paint insode the jar. The paint will peel off the jar lid so I reccomend covering the lid in tape so it's just silver when you remove the tape.

3. Allow to dry for an hour or so before peeling off your shape VERY carefully.

4. Fill with candy.