DIY Apple Print Lunch Bag

It's Back to Schooooool!

Both of my daughters started school a couple weeks back so this week we found ourselves making some fun new canvas lunch bags. These are super easy to make and ADORABLE might I add. You can actually do this DIY project on a variety of items if you don't have a canvas bag .... brown paper lunch bag, cotton tote .... whatever your heart fancies : ) 

So you mightttttt think that apples are just for eating, but think again, because we used the cut side of an apple, dipped in candy-colored paint and stamped it onto otherwise ordinary canvas tote bags and backpacks. So freaking cute right!? And what to pack??? Easy to store and the perfect snack, Lay's Kettle Cooked Chips are a simple solution for school lunches. Mmmmmmmm.

Scroll down for this super simple DIY project!


DIY Apple Print Lunch Bag

What you need
Paint Brush
Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Craft Paint
Canvas bag or Brown paper lunch bags

1. Cut an apple in half from top to bottom. Make sure the cut is smooth and flat so it lays the paint down evenly on your canvas bag. 

2. Use a paintbrush to apply the paint evenly over the cut side of the apple. 

3. With the apple half, cut side down, stamp the surface of the bag one color at a time, making sure to reapply the paint each time. If you want to use multiple colors, use a different apple half or gently wipe clean with a wet paper towel and apply a second color.

4. To draw stems and leaves, use a marker or a fine tip paint brush and Martha Stewart craft paint.

Big thank you to Martha Stewart Crafts and Lays Kettle Chips for providing the materials for this craft! All thoughts and opinions are my own as always. Xx