Halloween Bat Mobile

It's my favorite time of the yearrrrrr. Halloween is almost here! Bring on the goblins, ghosts, witches, and bats. It's time to start decorating! Scroll down for this wickedly easy Bat Mobile. (Get it?) Hahahahahha. I know, I know. 

Halloween Bat Mobile

What you need
Black Spray Paint
Lilyshop Bat Template
12" + Embroidery Hoop
Clear Fishing Line
Tape or Hot Glue
Hole Punch

1. Separate your embroidery hoop and use only the center portion with no metal clamp. Spray paint this portion black and set aside.

2. Use the Lilyshop Bat Template and trace your bats onto black construction paper. Use scissors to cut out your bats.

3. Punch a hole into the top of each bat and loop your fishing line through the hole. Tie your first bat about 6" from the hoop (taping the string to the inside of the hoop) then gently attach all the other bats, adding about 2" to the length of each string going around the hoop so you create the downward spiral effect.

4.  To hang the mobile you can tie three pieces of fishing wire to the center of the hoop and use a paperclip to attach it to a light fixture etc. 

TIP: Use a graphite pencil to trace your bat onto black paper.