DIY Patina Pumpkins

I'm eating a chia squeeze and talking to my good friend Liana Fricker about the difference between baby boys and girls. Mine scream - hers hurl raw potatoes at each other in the kitchen. Holy Moly.

By the way ....... we made these super cool oxidized pumpkins today. Annnnddd these flowers are going on Day 8! They remind me of Tuck Everlasting. Did you read that book? Love that book.

Patina Pumpkins

What you need
(1) 9" craft pumpkin (found at most craft stores)
Modern Masters green patina kit (at most craft stores or home improvement centers)


1. Paint the pumpkin following the instructions in the kit with the primer. 

2. Apply one coat of the copper paint and allow to dry for 1/2 hour.

3. pply the last layer of copper on 1/3 of the pumpkin and spray heavily with the aging solutio. Repeat, carefully avoiding the area already sprayed.

4. Repeat for the last /3 of the pumpkin and allow to dry completely.