How to Mable Paper with Shaving Cream

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Marbling paper tutorial below : ) 


DIY Marbled Paper

What you need
Shaving Cream
Food Coloring
Ruler & Spatula

1. Spray your shaving cream in a 9"x13" dish or something large enough to fit your sheets of paper. Use a spatula to smooth out the shaving cream.

2. Add drops of food coloring all over the shaving cream. About 15 drops of each color. Use your spatula to gently swirl the colors. Just a tad. Don't stir it all together. You want streaks of color. 

3. Place your sheet of paper face down on the shaving cream and use your hand to gently press it onto the color. 

4. Carefully lift the paper and use a ruler to scrape off the excess shaving cream. Put this shaving cream in the trash. Let the paper dry. Once dry, you can use heavy books to flatten the paper if it's not perfectly flat.