Hamburger Pumpkin

A burger even a vegan can appreciate! I am a sucker for fake food. You might say I have a thangggg for it. I always played restaurant as a kid and now both my girls play with fake food all the time. This year we are trying out a few food-themed pumpkins and this burger is aweeeeeesome. Easy peasy tutorial below.


Hamburger Pumpkin

What you need
(1) 9" fake pumpkin
(1) 8.5" x 11" sheet of each: Red, green, yellow, white, purple, beige, and brown felt (Sticky back felt or regular felt)
Hot glue

1. Cut a 2" long strip of felt. If you are using 8.5" x 11" sheets you will need two strips. I used the kind with the sticky back so I just stuck it directly to the pumpkin. 

2. I then cut a jagged piece of green felt and hot glued it under the "burger" brown felt.

3. Cut a 1/2" wide white strip for the white onion and another 1/2" strip of the purple felt. I glued them directly to the brown felt. 

4. Cut two 2" half circles for the pickles and place them over the "onion".

5. Next you can cut two yellow cheese triangles and place them overtop the onion with hot glue.

6. The final layer is the ketchup. I cut two 11" squiggly red strips and layered them on top of everything. 

7. Top off the pumpkin with tiny beige felt sesame seeds. I hot glued them all VERY carefully.