Toilet Paper Roll Desk Caddy

Ok so I did this craft on 4/22/2013 believe it or not, but we just transferred the website over to a new platform which means we lost all our past comments to I'm moving this post up because it's too pretty to get lost in years worth of other blog posts!


Move over coffee filters .... there's another dirt cheap household item that we have turned into a gorgeous DIY project .... ummmmm yes, those are toilet paper rolls. Who knew the toilet paper roll could be used for something other than pre-school crafting. This is a totally awesome grown-up DIY project made with good ole toilet paper rolls! AND it just happens to be Earth Day .... so this is a perfect recycling DIY project .... minus the spray paint of course : ) 


DIY Toilet Paper Craft Supply Caddy

What you need
24 regular toilet paper rolls
Hot glue
7 1/4" x 10 3/4" piece of cardboard
Spray paint OR Eco-friendly paint - it is Earth Day : ) 

1. Stand all your toilet paper rolls on end and using hot glue, place a small dab in between each roll so they all stick together. You should have 4 rows of 6 rolls.

2. Hot glue your sheet of cardboard to the base of all the rolls. If you bought a bigger sheet just trim to size with scissors once it's glued to the base. Let dry for 5 minutes.

3. Spray paint your caddy. All done!