Welcome Tassel Beads

When the heck did they get that reply button on Instagram? I have been typing everyone's damn name out to reply and then I noticed that little button under each person!? It's like that time I said "labtop" until about 26 when someone finally said .... um It's called "laptop" idiot. Or that time I leased a car for three years and thought the skylight roof only tilted open and didn't actually go back .... and I was driving to the dealership to turn it in and I stopped at a red light and pushed a little button on my dash and the freaking thing opened all the way! I experienced the sunroof for all of about 60 seconds on Calabasas road. I remember the exact moment because I yelled ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? I believe I said those exact words yesterday too when I saw the reply button. Sometimes I feel like Mr. Magoo. I'm just walking around with uncanny streaks of luck and trying not to fall down staircases.

Also these welcome door beads are super happy and not to mention beautiful. DIY below.


Welcome Tassel Beads

What you need
(18)  1" round unfinished wood beads
White stain
24' twisted natural jute


1. Paint the unfinished beads with white wash paint and let dry.

2. Cut jute into fifteen - 16" pieces and two - 24" pieces.

3. String beads onto one 24" piece of jute. Leaving about a ½" of excess for the beads to slide around, tie ends together and trim excess. Set aside.

4. Line up the 15 pieces of jute side by side in a bunch and fold in half lengthwise. Lay out the string of beads with 9 beads on either side. Leave the knot at the top and the ½" excess jute between the beads at the bottom. Tie the remaining 24" piece of jute around the center of the bunch of jute to the gap on the string of beads. Tie off underneath the bunch of jute leaving a couple inch piece on one side and a much longer "tail" on the other. Gather the bunch of jute and tightly wrap the tail around it 3-4 times near the top. Tuck the remaining end under the wrapped jute and tie off. Trim excess and tuck in the ends out of sight.