Paint Balloons

I bought a bunch of clear balloons a couple weeks ago, thinking I would fill them with confetti for New Year's Eve. Well, I filled a couple of them and just though ahhhhh blah. They look like the same old balloons I see everywhere, so I literally started walking around the office looking for random crap to put in the balloons. I tried streamers, glitter, foil paper ....... and then I got the paint. I was like hmmmmmmmm ..... this could be cool. The first one I did was super awesome, but then I was concerned it wouldn't dry so I did a second balloon and by accident I let the balloon go in the middle of blowing it and ate a whole lot of acrylic paint so I shelved the idea until after the New Year so I could regroup. Well I tried it again this week and it was a success! I got it down to a science and I now have some rad pictures to prove it to you all! Scroll down for the instructions. Aren't they beautiful?


Paint Balloons

What you need
2 people for this project
Clear Balloons
Acrylic Paint

1. This is a two man job so have one person hold the clear balloon and have them insert two fingers on both hands into the balloon (four fingers total) and then carefully opening the mouth of the balloon as wide as you can.  

2. Have the other person squeeze some paint into the base of the balloon. A tiny bit of paint. A couple drops. You don't want globs as then it won't dry and if the balloons pop when full of paint you will have a huge mess on your hands. Make sure the paint does not get around the mouth of the balloon.

3. Add a second paint color to the base of the balloon and slide your fingers out of the balloon. 

4. Using your fingers, gently spread squeeze the paint around inside the balloon a couple times. Don't mix the paint too much because you wont see the color separation. Leave the filled balloons on your counter for several hours so they start to dry.

5. Blow up the balloons after a couple hours and tie as you normally would. I let my balloons chill overnight on my counter or hard floor so they are fully dry (incase they pop). Once dry, it's OK if the balloons pop because the paint wont splatter at all.