Easter Party Cups

Easter is all about fuzzy happy cuteness. We made these little guys for my daughter's preschool class this week. So simple and so super happy. Check out the tutorial below. Happy Easter everyone!


Easter Animal Cups

What you need (Chick Cups)
White paper cups or styrofoam cups (or yellow paper cups)
Light yellow construction paper
Black Sharpie
Dark yellow or orange construction paper

1. Cover your paper cup with a strip of yellow construction paper buy gluing it down to the actual cup and along the seam on the back.

2. Make little beaks but drawing a 1" triangle and folding it in half down the center. Glue to the middle of the cup.

3. Draw little chick face and wings around the beak.Let dry before using.

What you need (Bunny Cups)
White paper cups or styrofoam cups
Cotton balls
Black Sharpie
Light Pink sharpie
light brown, regular brown, light pink, and white soft felt
Bunny Template

1. Download the bunny ear template here: Bunny Ear Template

2. Cut the template out and trace onto your different felt colors. The larger bunny ears get traced onto the brown felts and the the little ears get traced onto the pink felt. Cut all the ears out.

3. Glue the little pink ear to the middle of the brown ears.Glue the entire ear to the back of the white cup.

4. Glue your cotton ball to the back of your white cup and trace your bunny face on the front of the cup. Let dry before using.