Animal Easter Eggs

I'm trying to see how many eggs we can roll out this year that are so vastly different than your traditional kit dyed Easter eggs that you go Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Hot mama.
Ok, what? Where did that come from. Clearly I had too much coffee this morning. I'm in LOVE with these animal eggs. All you need is some construction paper, paint, hot glue, and some skiiiisssssors. We pronounce everything completely wrong in my house. Don't ask me why. My kids will be walking around when they're adults saying "skissors" while pronouncing the "k" and "buffet" while pronouncing the "T's" at the end. Ok, seriously I need to stop. We're making freaking animal eggs. Scroll down for the tutorial you wild animals.


Animal Easter Eggs

What you need
Blown out Easter Eggs
Blue, yellow, and pink acrylic paint
Paint brush
Colored construction paper
Hot glue
Google Eyes

1. Paint your eggs and let dry.

2. Cut construction paper fins for your fishy, feet and ears for your bunny, a beak and wings for your duck. 

3. Attach your construction paper animal parts with hot glue and attach little google eyes.

4. Draw little whiskers and a mouth on the bunny, and eye shadows, with your Sharpie.