DIY Feather Clutch

Have you ever seen a fancy evening bag made from one of the most basic household cleaning items!? Well, now you have! Introducing my superrrrrrrr fancy feather duster clutch!
Do you LOVE!?


DIY Feather Clutch

What you need
Feather Duster
Fabric Glue or Hot Glue

1. Choose your clutch and lay it flat on your surface. This clutch was $10 from Target.

2. Now bust open your feather duster and gently remove your feathers. My feather duster was $5 and these are quality feathers .... so soft! You would spend $35 if you bought this many feathers at a store! Look at me saving money already ...

3. Now apply a thin layer of hot glue on the top of your clutch and stick down each feather tip. Make sure no feathers extend over the top of your clutch. You will cover all of the feather tips with ribbon.

4. With a thin piece of ribbon hot glue it down over the tips of the feathers so it looks nice and finished.