Valentine Cupid Arrows

I'm not a big Valentine's Day girl. It was always my Dad's birthday growing up so we never went out to dinner because it was way too crowded, but we weren't really allowed to go on dates either because we had to celebrate with my Dad so we just stayed home and made dinner and we gave my Dad his presents. In fact, I only celebrated Valentine's Day one time and it was in college when I lived in Boulder, Colorado. My date was super cute and he took me to dinner with two other couples. I had Fettuccine Alfredo and a screwdriver. Big mistake. Big. Huge. (Hehehe - guess the movie that was from) So, after dinner we went back to our dorm and I was standing in his room when he leaned over to kiss me and I literally had projectile vomit. Oh my gosh, it was so terrible. I can't even stop laughing while I write this. I bolted to the trash can and continued throwing up before I ran down the hall to my room and never looked back. I didn't even return to clean it up! So terrible. Poor Andy Hoover.  Lesson learned from this: never mix butter and vodka ... and stay home on Valentine's Day : )

So that being said I have this theory on Valentine's Day. I think it's always awkward no matter what your relationship status is. Here are my three levels of Valentine's Day Awkwardness: 

1. The Super Awkward ~ Being single on Valentine's Day. You definitely don't want to go out to dinner that night and if anyone asks you what your doing for Valentine's Day you just feel like a complete loser.

2. The Awkward Awkward ~ If you just started dating, Valentine's Day is totally awkward because you feel like you have to go all out and put on a show for someone you barely know. Dinner? Gift? Do I put out?

3. The Mild Awkward ~ Being married and celebrating Valentine's Day. You have been married for years and you feel forced to be unreasonably romantic with your significant other and then feel obligated to go to an overpriced dinner when you both really would rather be sitting at home on the couch in your pajamas.

I apologize if you are the super romantic type and this offended you, but I do really like to decorate for Valentine's Day so I made some super cute and glittery cupid arrows. You can decorate your house with these or give them to your love with a cute little message, or use them to poke someone in the eye when they ask what your Valentine's Day plans are. It's really a Win/Win craft today. 


Valentine Cupid Arrows

What you need
Valentine Hearts and Fletching template
12" wood dowels (or any size you want)
Gold spray paint
Red construction paper
Red glitter
Mod Podge
aint Brush
ot glue

1. Spray paint your dowels gold and let dry. You will have to turn them a couple times. You can also use gold paint if you have that on hand.

2. Print out our Valentine Hearts and Fletching template and trace onto red construction paper.

3. Cut out all your heart arrows and fletching and using a paint brush, coat them with mod podge on one side then dust with red glitter and let dry.

4. Attach heart arrow and two rows of fletching to the opposite ends of your dowels using hot glue. If you wish to give these away, you can tie a cute little note to each arrow. Use for decorative purposes only.