DIY Studded Leather Clutch

Sneezing is the best thing ever.

No seriously.

When you have to sneeze really bad and you look straight into the sunlight and sneeze a huge sneeze .... it's amazing. Like when you hold in your pee for a super long time and then finally get to go to the bathroom. What? That's not weird. You know everyone thinks the same thing. You just don't all talk about it. It's actually quite strange the things you look forward to as you get older. I remember being little saying I couldn't wait to grow up because I wanted to never brush my teeth and stay up until 3 in the morning, eating ice cream and candy. Screw that. I can't eat ice cream at all, let alone food in general after 7 pm or my skinny jeans wont fit over my calves. I seriously look forward to taking a long shower, brushing my teeth, and getting in my sweats and sneezing huge sneezes. Oh and bags (True bag collectors don't say "purse" - you say "bag"). I really enjoy getting new bags. It's my thing. Sneezes and bags. This one is rad. And I made it too. Scroll down.

Bless you.

DIY Studded Leather Clutch

What you need
(100) 3/8" black spike screws
1 leather clutch
X-acto knife
Piece of cardboard

1. Using a ruler and a piece of chalk, mark one entire side of your clutch every half an inch with a tiny chalk dot so you know where to place your studs. (If your bag is white leather, I'm done with you). You can also mark a pattern on your leather or chose to only stud half your clutch. The choice is yours.

2. Now unzip your clutch and place a piece of cardboard inside the clutch so you don't poke through both sides of the leather when starting to stud it. 

3. Now gently place the tip of your X-acto knife on the leather of the clutch and make a super tiny slit. Push your stud through the slit and screw on the back. Now do the same with all the other studs until your eyes are blurry and you hate your life.

Love your bag girlllllll!