Turtle Pot Holder

Give your plants a ride on a turtle! We made these adorable Turtle pot holders for HGTV Handmade this week and they are pretty easy to do. Scroll down for the tutorial or watch the video on HGTV Handmade's channel! Thanks so much ya'll!


DIY Turtle Pot Holders

What you need

4 - 3½" terra cotta pots

1 - 10½" terra cotta saucer

1 large wood ball or 3" smooth stryo ball

Hauser Medium Green/Spring Pasture paints

Black/White paints

E6000 adhesive

1" flat sponge


varnish/shellac/etc to protect finish


1. Wipe off the terra cotta pots and the saucer with a damp towel and allow to dry.

2. Paint the outside of the pots, the bottom of the saucer and the entire stryo ball, with the medium green paint. (The terra cotta soaks up the paint so that may take two heavy coats.) Allow to dry completely.

3. Stand the pots on end and apply E6000 to the bottoms. Lay the saucer, bottom side up, across the pots, Adjust the pots as necessary to even out the turtles "legs". Press down lightly on the saucer to spread the glue. Allow to dry completely.

4. Paint a face on the stryo ball using black and white paint. Set aside to dry.

5. Using scissors, cut the sponge into a rectangle shaped piece and trim the edges to look like a turtle shell. Wet and wring out the sponge. Pour some spring green paint onto a disposable plate. Dip the sponge into the paint and tap off excess. Apply medium green paint with a paintbrush to the edge of the sponge. Using the sponge like a stamp, apply the paint to the saucer. Reapply paint as needed to the sponge until the saucer is covered in a turtle shell pattern. Allow to dry.

6. Glue the styro ball head to the saucer with E6000. Prop in place until the glue dries.

7. Cover the turtle with varnish or shellac if desired to protect the finish.