DIY Jumbo Jenga Pieces

Giant Jenga Set

What you need
6' X 3" or 8' X 3" pine boards
Circular saw
Electric sander or sand paper
Paint or paint markers (not Sharpies!)
UV Clear Coat or Satin Finish spray


1. Carefully trim boards to 7½" X 2½" size pieces. Use clamps to hold the wood in place as you cut or have someone hold them for you. You will need 54 pieces plus a few spares as replacements for a Jenga set. A 6 foot board will yield 8 pieces and an 8 foot board will yield 11 pieces.

2. Using an electric sander or sandpaper, smooth all surfaces and round the edges of each piece.

3. Spray each piece with clear coat or satin finish. Allow to dry thoroughly.

4. Paint each piece as desired and allow to dry.

5. Spray each piece again with the clear coat. Once dry stack in alternating sets of 3's to play.