Play Food Ding Dong Valentines

Olive and I made these play food Ding Dongs for her Valentine's Day cards. Lalalalove.

Play Food Ding Dong Valentines

What you need
1" or 2" tall sponge
Rust-Oleum Painters Touch 2X Kona brown gloss spray paint
Basics burnt umber acrylic paint
Collage Clay vanilla
2¾" round cookie cutter
Aluminum foil (the thinner the better)
.75" round ceramic magnets
X-Acto knife
Serrated knife
Small paint brush
Offset spatula or plastic knife
Hot glue gun
Valentine Template


1. Place cookie cutter flat against the sponge leaving a  ¼"-½" space from the edge. Using a sharp X-Acto knife and the cookie cutter as a guide, start cutting straight down the edge of the cookie cutter into the sponge. Press down slightly on the cookie cutter as you work. Cut all the way around. Keep pressing down and repeat cutting until you have a sponge circle. Cut additional circles and discard sponge scraps. If you are using a 2" high sponge cut the circle in half using a serrated knife giving you two 1" high by 2¾" round Ding Dongs.

2. Cut a "bite" out of the Ding Dong using the X-Acto knife. Make irregular cuts to resemble teeth marks.

3. Using an offset spatula spread Collage Clay around the top and sides of the sponge to simulate the chocolate glaze. Do not cover the bite marks. Make the coating heavy enough to cover up the sponge holes. Smooth the top and sides and allow to dry thoroughly.

4. Working in a well ventilated area spray the bottom of the sponge with the Kona Brown paint. Allow to dry. Repeat if needed. Turn sponge over and spray top and sides. Repeat if needed and allow to dry completely.

5. Working on the "bite" area, paint with the burnt umber acrylic paint to make the "chocolate cake". Do not paint the outer edge with the painted Collage Clay. Allow to dry.

6. With the offset spatula spread Collage Clay in the center of the bite to make the "cream filling". Let dry completely.

7. Cut aluminum foil into 7" square sheets. Hot glue one Ding Dong to the center of each aluminum sheet. 

8. Turn over the sheet and hot glue one magnet to the center under the Ding Dong. Allow to dry thoroughly.

9. Print out Valentine template and cut into desired shape.