Easter Carrot Treat Boxes

I love Easter. Lalalalove it. And these little Easter treat boxes are the perfect little party favor for your guests! Fill them with candy eggs or jelly beans or even confetti! This craft was inspired by The Ella Claire Blog! She has a super simple template so scroll down below to see how to make these fun carrot boxes for Easter party!


Easter Carrot Treat Boxes

What you need
Orange cardstock
Green paper raffia or other green ribbon
Double sided tape
Hole punch
Carrot template

1. Download the template from Ella Claire Inspired and print onto orange cardstock.

2. Cut the carrot template out and fold at each of the score lines. (Tip: Lay a ruler along the lines for easy folding.) Make sure to fold the carrot so the printed lines are inside your carrots : )

3. Attach double sided tape to the tab and close your carrot. Press down to secure the tape.

4. Punch a hole near the top of two opposite facing "petals".

5. Cut two 14"-16" pieces of raffia or green ribbon of your choice.

6. Fill the carrot with candy and fold over the two non-hole punched petals. Thread the ribbon through the two holes and tie off. Trim raffia as desired.

Thank you to Ella Claire Inspired for this wonderful idea!