DIY Teacher Appreciation Vases

Teacher Appreciation Week starts May 8 th so y'all better get it together! Today on KTLA 5 News I talked about the Do's and Don'ts of what to give and not to give on Teacher Appreciation Day. Below is a big ole' DO so scroll down for the tutorial on how to make these pretty vases!

Teacher Appreciation Colored Pencil Jars

What you need

Colored Pencils or Crayons

Clear glass vase or jar - slightly shorter than the pencils or Crayons

Double sided tape or hot glue

Colored ribbon


1. Lay out pencils or crayons in your desired color scheme. 

2. Attach double sided tape around the center of the outside of the jar. 

3. Place jar on a flat surface and begin attaching the pencils or crayons to the tape. 

4. Lay them as close as possible to each other to avoid gaps and press down to adhere. Continue placing until the entire jar is covered. 

5. Tie ribbon around the jar and trim ends if needed. Fill with fresh flowers, small candies or school supplies.