DIY New Year's Confetti Poppers

New Year. New start!  What are your New Year's resolutions? Mine are:

1) Smile more.

2) Compliment people more often, because I'm always thinking "oh I like her shoes" or "oh that person looks really nice today", but I say it in my head and not out loud .... which is silly because everyone likes to hear nice things.

3) Less time on the phone and more time in real life. 

Whether you are having a New Year's Eve Party or just sitting at home in sweatpants, these confetti poppers are freaking adorableeee. We made these with the Wilton Plastic Treat Pops. I made mine fancy, because I'm totally not fancy, but I feel like New Year's is one of those holidays where people feel obligated to put something sexy on. See the fringe dresses and tuxedos? I knowwwww. So cute. They would also be fun for a wedding or bridal shower! Scroll down for the tutorial.


DIY Confetti Poppers

What you need
Wilton Treat Pops from Joanne's
Tissue Paper
Black sticker-back rhinestones
1/4" black ribbon
Hot Glue
White construction paper

1. Unfold your tissue paper partially so you are still cutting through multiple layers and cut (8) fringe pieces for your dress. Each layer should be 7" wide by 2" in height. Now fringe all the layers together to save time, cutting 1/4" strips from the bottom up, leaving a 3/4" border at the top. 

2.  Tape or glue your first fringe piece all the way around the middle of your treat pop. The fringe should just go right below the end of the treat pop. You want the plastic to be covered, so if it's not then slide your first piece down. Now continue layering your other fringe pieces all the way around and gradually go up the treat pop. Each layer should be a 1/4" higher than the one before until you reach the top.

3. Once you reach the top secure the final piece with a dab of glue or tape and fill your popper with confetti.

4. To make the Tuxedo version cut a 7" wide by 3" long piece of white construction paper. 

5. Secure the paper all the way around with a dab of hot glue.

6. Place black rhinestones all the way down the front for the buttons.

7. With your ribbon, tie a little bow and hot glue it to the front. Fill with confetti.