White Chocolate Popcorn Cereal Bowls

I really don't care for carmel popcorn or cheesy popcorn or any of those other flavors, but coat popcorn in white chocolate and I literally can't stop eating it. I will eat the entire batch until A) I get sick or B) Karen takes it away from me and tells me to go back to work. It's seriously that good. We formed this popcorn into a bowl and put more candy popcorn inside. Don't ask why. It was just one of those weird ideas that came to me and we acted on it. Enjoy!


White Chocolate Oreo Popcorn Bowls

(1) bag Orville Simply Salted Popcorn
(8) Oreos
18 oz white chocolate chips (1 1/2 bags)
(2) small cereal bowls
(2) plastic spoons)
Aluminum Foil

1. Line two bowls with foil and spray with non-stick spray. Set aside.

2. Pop the popcorn in the microwave as you normally would and then pour into a large bowl.

3. In a microwave safe glass bowl, melt your chocolate chips at 30 second intervals, stirring in between, until completely melted.

4. Once the chocolate is melted pour over the popcorn and stir together until every piece is melted. It doesn't matter if some of the popcorn breaks.

5. Start pressing the popcorn up the sides of the foil lined bowl. Do not fill the center of the bowl as this will remain hollow. Make sure you pull the popcorn all the way up the sides so you make a complete bowl. Do the same to the other bowl. You should have enough chocolate for two bowls, and left over popcorn for the oreo crushed popcorn. Place the two complete popcorn bowls in the freezer for 5-10 minutes.

6. Chop up your Oreos and add them to the remaining white chocolate popcorn and let sit.

7. Remove popcorn bowls from the freezer and peel away from foil. Fill with Oreo popcorn and insert a plastic spoon and serve.