Peep Houses

It's a Peep Show!

LalalalalaLOVE our little Peep houses. Whether you love Peeps or hate em you can't deny how cute these little houses are. I remember as a kid my grandma would always buy me that big sugar egg from Sees Candy. It had pink or blue frosting all along the edges and there was a little scene inside the egg. Do you know what I'm talking about? We're you supposed to eat those? I think I saved mine for years. It was like a giant sugar cube. Anyway, these Peep houses are like the modern day panoramic sugar Easter eggs. And these are simple! Scroll down for the tutorial. 


Peep Houses

6 Graham Cracker halves
Vanilla Frosting
Confetti or Easter grass

1. Put your frosting into a piping bag and set aside.

2. Lay your graham crackers down and frost them together. You should have a base, two sides, and a back. Let dry then attach the two pieces for the roof so they are at an angle.

3. Using your icing, pipe some icing on the front of the house so it looks like snow. 

4. Place Easter grass or confetti inside the house and place your peep inside.