I am not a huge fan of pie. Never really have been. But you know what I do like!? Cupcakes! So why not pie cupcakes!? These are easy as pie guys (Hehehehehehe) as you just need basic cupcakes and store bought frosting (or you can make your own). I made these on KTLA this week. Watch the video below and scroll down for the recipe! 

Jessie Jane on KTLA with Thanksgiving Ideas


Simple Pie Cupcakes

White cupcakes
4 packages of Jelly Belly Berries (You can pick these up at almost every market - 1 large bag makes 6-8 cupcakes)
2 containers of White frosting
Brown, Red, and Blue food Coloring gel
2 Piping Bags

1. Separate your frosting into four bowls, one bowl for red, one for blue, one for brown, and save a small portion of white for the "whipped cream".

2. Mix the red frosting together and frost however many red berry cupcakes you are going to make. Immediately press in the red berries all over the top of the cupcake.

3. Mix the dark blue frosting (using blue food coloring gel) and frost all your other cupcakes. Immediately press the blackberries into the top of the cupcake.

4. Mix your brown frosting and add to a piping bag fitted with a round or square tip. Do not use a star tip for this. Gradually frost around the top of the cupcake and make lines going across both directions for the top of the pie. Allow to dry.

5. Using a piping bag fitted with a star tip, add white frosting and apply a dab of "whipped cream" to each cupcake.