Oreo Spiders

We love Pocky sticks in this house. We have almost every flavor and every size. When I held a bunch in my hand last week and I was trying to think of a Halloween recipe the first thing that came to mind was spider legs! These are super easy and pretty adorable.

EEK! Oreo Spiders. Give meeeeeee.


Oreo Spiders

What you need
Double Stuffed Oreos
Candy eyeballs
White frosting
Pocky Sticks


1. Cut each Pocky stick into 4 pieces and wedge into both sides of each Doubled Stuffed Oreo. Make sure to use the Double Stuffed Oreos. Ther regular Oreos are not big enough to hold the Pocky sticks.

2. Attach candy eyeballs with a tiny amount of frosting.