How to make a Chocolate Orange

I love my chocolate orange.
I am obsessed with my chocolate orange. 

Have you ever had a Terry's chocolate orange?

They sell them pretty much everywhere now. You can find them in the candy aisle at Cost Plus and I am telling you, it's the most heavenly orange-flavored chocolate you will ever taste. They come in the shape of an orange. You unwrap the foil and hit it on the counter and you get chocolate orange slices. Well, it's amazing and I have been getting them for years around Easter.

Well, I made my own chocolate orange. And it's not even Easter. 

I love my chocolate orange.


How to make a Chocolate Orange

Makes 2 small oranges or 1 1/2 big oranges

(1) 11.5 oz bag of excellent quality chocolate (I use Guittard milk chocolate chips)
1/4 cup heavy cream
1/4 tsp Orange Extract

1. Hollow out your orange(s)

2. Pour your chocolate chips into a medium glass bowl and set aside.

3. In a glass measuring cup heat your 1/4 cup of cream for about one minute until it's boiling hot. Watch your milk so it doesn't boil over. Remove from microwave and pour over chocolate chips. Stir until completely melted. Add your orange extract and mix well.

4. Pour the chocolate into your hollowed out oranges and set them in a muffin tin so they sit upright. Refrigerate for one hour.

5. Slice and serve!

Note: A couple people have asked why we use cream and it's because we wanted the chocolate to be softer like a ganache. It's easier to bite into that way and it's really yummy : )