Fake Smiles aren't worth it


I had a conversation with a friend of mine last week about being fake. We were laughing about all the people who watch our Instagram stories constantly, but haven't liked a picture in years. Most of the people haven't even reached out in years or are people we actually aren't even friends with anymore because we had a falling out, but for one reason or another they are consumed with watching your life and what you are doing with it. I use to be consumed with gossip and talking about other people and what they were doing and then I got divorced and realized how "energy sucking" that was. My life was complicated enough so why waste time talking about other people who I really didn't care about?

The same goes for spending time with people that I wasn't friends with. I mean it's one thing to have to spend time with people that you have to work with or maybe you have to put on a fake face because you have to attend a work event, but other than that .... why fake it? The great thing about being a confident adult is that you don't have to give a sh*t about what people think. You can have 5 or 6 good quality friends and be OK with that. If someone wasn't nice to me or didn't have my best interest at heart or wasn't there for me when I was at the bottom then I don't need to pretend to be friends with them when I see them at the market. I don't have to follow them on Facebook or Instagram and I actually don't have to spend time with them .... which is pretty freaking lovely. It feels good not to fake it.

I can have real conversations with my real friends —no matter how brutal— it is. I can tell my friends when they are wrong and they can tell me when I'm wrong. We give each other advice about life, sex, love, and family. We encourage each other and we laugh at each other and we don't talk badly about each other. No judgment. No expectations. No animosity. No keeping score.

Life is too short for fake butter, fake sugar, or fake people. If you like someone tell them. If you think someone is funny say it. If you think someone created something beautiful on Instagram double click it because real life is the best life.