Sriracha Tour

I am obsessed with Sriracha. Honestly, obsessed is an understatement. It's just so good. I live in LA so I went to the Huy Fung Foods Sriracha factory in Irwindale and took the Sriracha Tour . If you have never been its really fun and it's FREE. You just have to sign up in advance because it's always full. "Pepper heat" is definitely in the air so if you are not a spice fan I wouldn't go. You are instantly greeted with the scent of hot pepper and all things red, followed by an OCD lovers dream. The factory was the most efficient, organized, and clean building I have ever seen in my life. I honestly have never seen anything like it. It was incredible. Scroll down for all my fun pics!


This is the entrance to the Sriracha factory. A lot of red as you can see.


When you walk in you are greeted by hot sauce creator, David Tran, who began his chili making mastery in 1975 in Vietnam. He produced his first hot sauce called Pepper Sa-te in recycled glass baby food jars that then was sold and delivered by family members via bicycle. In 1979, he came to the United States and started making hot sauce in a 5,000 sq foot building near Chinatown in Los Angeles. The current Sriracha factory is 170,000 sqft.

BTW I realize I look crazy, but I was genuinely very excited. 


This is one of the golf carts that takes you around the facility.


These are all the peppers. They only grind the peppers in certain months and on certain days.

This is where all the pepper and spices are kept when they are freshly ground. Just wait till you see how many there are ....

Incredible, right!? This is just a fraction the barrels. There are so many. And a fun fact, David use to buy these barrels until he decided to recycle his own materials and make his own so now all these barrels are broken down and recycled and he manufactures his own barrels within the factory. Everything is made right in this warehouse so he doesn't have to rely on other vendors. 

Can you see how clean this facility is? It was unbelievable. It was so organized and clean and beautiful. I have never seen anything like it. The floor is actually that shiny. This wasn't photoshopped at all. I feel like I really have to stress how clean this factory is because it was that impressive!


If you look closely to the left you will see the plastic bottles being made. They start as plastic tubes and then air is blown into the plastic to create the unique Sriracha bottle. They are then immediately filled with sauce. 


They go straight down the conveyor belt into the packaging dept. 


Do you see how many rows of Sriracha there are!?


David Tran's motto was to "Make a rich man's sauce at a poor man's price."


Ok, these are just fun. These are the fire extinguishers in the warehouse.


And finally, at the end of the Sriracha tour they have this giant bottle where you can fill up all your own bottles for free!