Giant I love you more than my phone Valentine's Day Card

I sorta, kinda wish we could go back to a time where we didn't have phones. Where I didn't always have to see what everyone was wearing or eating. Or what everyone's perfect children looked like. When no one could actually get a hold of you. Gosh, what was that like? Now you get an email and you're an a&*hole if you don't respond within a couple hours. God forbid you get a text and don't respond! So that being said I obviously took this picture in from of the iconic Paul Smith pink wall. I thought it was only fitting. I mean every blogger in Los Angeles has taken their photo there. So heeeeeere is mine! Scroll down for the tutorial for this awesome Valentine's Day Card.


** Oh and there was a line of people asking to take a picture with my phone FYI. Lol.


Giant I Love You More Than My Phone Valentine's Day Card

What you need
(1) 20" x 30" Piece of white Foam Core from Michaels  ($6.99)
Photo Paper
Glue Stick
Quick Hold Glue
(1) 12" x 18" black foam Creatology sheet from Michaels  ($0.99)

1. Print out all the App pictures here: Download iPhone Ap Pictures

2. If you are printing these photos make sure to print two on a page and make them 4" wide. This way you will fit four icons horizontally across the phone. 

3. Cut all your pictures out and space them evenly on the board before you glue! This is important. You want the apps to be in the correct place. If you need a ruler to help make them even then draw a tiny pencil mark under each picture so you know where they go.

4. Using your glue stick (or spray glue), glue all the apps in place then using your stickers spell out the message "I love you more than my phone". I printed the heart icon on photo paper as well and glued it between the words "my" and "phone" in the last line. I printed the heart icon at 2" wide.

5. To get the black edge around the phone, I cut 3/4" strips of black foam and simply used quick hold glue to run it along the edges. I also took a small piece and glued it to the top of the hone to look like the little speaker line.