Tie-Dye Swaddle Blankets

Have you heard!??
Pastels are out and brights are in.
I know, right? Don't you feel like your baby has been totally out of style? OMG.
No worries, I have a super easy DIY that will give your little tot some serioussssss flare. Yes, tie-dye is back in ..... but we're using bleach. So it's sort of like a 2014 version of tie-dye. I made these super hot blankets today on Home and Family on the Hallmark channel (weekdays 10am/9c). If you missed the episode you can scroll down and see how I made them below!


Tie-Dye Swaddle Blankets

What you need
White blankets
RIT coloring (from any craft store, or grocery store, Rite Aid etc.)
Squeeze bottle
Rubber bands
Rubber gloves

1. Using dye color of your choice, dye a white muslin swaddle blanket per the package instructions. Wring dry so it's not dripping at all.

2. Start in one corner and twist the blanket. Hold the twists in place with rubber bands every 2" or so. If it twists back on itself just hold that in place with another rubber band. Stretch the fabric out as you twist so it doesn't look like a giant knot. There really is no rhyme or reason to this. It will create a cool pattern from the knots.

3. Fill a squeeze bottle with full strength bleach. Do not add water. Working over a large bowl carefully squeeze bleach over the rubber band areas only. Carefully!

4. Let your blanket sit in a clean bowl for up to 4 hours. You will see the bleach start to pull out the color.

5. Using gloves again carefully cut off the rubber bands. Rinse your blanket until no more color bleeds before washing and drying. (Check your dye package for additional washing/care instructions)