DIY Mod Podge Leaf Thanksgiving Centerpiece

If you are a frequent reader of the Lilyshop blog you know how much we like Mod Podge. It's a crafting supply staple. I was trying to figure out how to use my glitter Mod Podge technique and make it all Thanksgiving-y and then this popped into my head! Mod Podged leaves!? Ahhhhhhaaaa yup it worked and they are not only beautiful but they last forever now! See the tutorial below.


Thanksgiving Leaf Centerpiece

What you need

Glossy Mod Podge


Food Coloring

Crunchy Leaves

Paint Brush

Wax Paper


1. In a paper bowl mix Mod Podge with food coloring and glitter until you get the desired shade you wish for your leaves. Remember to add more than you think to get really vibrant egg. I did hold a bottle of Orange food coloring to get them this orange.

2. Brush one side of all your leaves and let dry on Wax paper. Once dry flip over and do the same to the other side. This encase the leaves and you can literally keep them for years. Just remember to store them with wax paper in between each leaf as they will stick together overtime.