Puffy Paint Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins is so overrated.
You get all messy.
It never looks like it does in your head.
You can't ever get all the Sharpie marks off.
You always have weird pumpkin strings hanging all over the place.
The pumpkin rots almost immediately and you ruin your Ebanista dining room table, because all the liquid spills out and you don't check it for over a week so it sits in pumpkin juice, collects mold then warps the wood on your really expensive table so you have a giant bubble and you have to put a giant ceramic bowl over it so your husband doesn't notice .....
I stuck to puffy paint this year.
It didn't ruin my furniture.
It took me less than 10 minutes.
And it looks better than your pumpkin.
I tell the truth. 


Puffy Paint Pumpkins

What you need
Tulip Metallic Gold Puffy paint
Real pumpkin

1. Clean your pumpkin off with a damp cloth and let dry. 

2. Apply puffy paint dots on your pumpkin in a pattern and let dry for two hours.