Ombre Pumpkins

Halloween isn't just about ghosts and goblins. We're bringing a little bit of whimsy to our pumpkins this year .... with Ombre pumpkins! These are simple guys. Check it out below.

You need a fake pumpkin and some spray paint. (Note: You can use a real pumpkin but we are using glitter and it's a little pricey so I recommend using a fake pumpkin so you can keep it year after year.) Spray paint and let dry.


And now you can embellish. To get the glitter on the top of the pumpkin you want to use spray adhesive and spray just sections of the pumpkin top before sprinkling with glitter. Don't spray the whole area because it will dry before you get the glitter all over the top. If you are doing a gradation of dark to light you want to spray the darker spray paint first followed by the lighter spray paint on top then follow with the darker glitter first, followed by the lighter glitter.

To get the polka dot effect you will want to use a little paint brush and some Mod Podge. Brush your glue in a circular pattern and then sprinkle with glitter. Easy!