Gold Dipped Bar Glasses

Oooooooh I am so fancy! Look at me with my gold dipped bar glasses. It's almost as if I'm not sitting here in my pajamas with mismatched socks and my hair in a knot.

Almost ....

But seriously, how gorgeous are these? And it's such an easy DIY project. I'm in LOVE. I think I will have my coffee in my fancy schmancy gold glass .... in my pajamas of course : ) 

Gold Dipped Bar Glasses

What you need
4 Bar Glasses
Liquid Leaf gold paint
Paint brush
painters tape

1. Tape around the center of your bar glass so you create a straight line and you can easily paint below the tape. Make sure you press down all the tape so there are no bubbles and you don't get any paint under the tape.

2. Using the liquid gold paint brush in one direction your gold paint. It will dry almost instantly. Completely cover the glass and the bottom of the glass. Rest upside down for one hour before adding another coat. Let completely dry for 4 hours. 

** Hand wash and DO NOT place the liquid gold leaf around the rim of the glass where your mouth would go. There are no paints that have been tested to be safe for consumption.