Glitter Foil ChristmasTrees

My tree is up, my lights are up, our advent calendars are in full effect and I will have a permanent smile on my face from now until January.

I love, love, love the holidays. I always wished I lived in New York during Christmas. Something so amazing about super cold weather, coffee in hand, pretty lights, crazy shopping, and gorgeous Christmas trees. FYI it's 75 degrees today in LA .... 

Nothing says Christmas like flip flops and ripped jeans. Boooo. Someone take me to NY with them! Xx 


Glitter Foil Christmas Trees

What you need
Foil Glitter (Or large flake glitter) - They sell bags of this at Michaels
Spray adhesive
Cardboard Cone

1. Place your cone on a piece of newspaper or large piece of cardboard. Spray half of your cone with spray adhesive (TIP: Spray the cardboard while holding it up in the air.)

2. Place a sheet of paper under your sprayed cone and QUICKLY pour your glitter on the section of the cone with the spray adhesive. The reason you need the sheet of paper is so you can catch your glitter and save it. If you pour the glitter over the newspaper it will stick to the spray adhesive you just sprayed everywhere. Make sense? Duh! Hurry, the glue dries quickly. No time for chit chat.

3. Spray the other side of your tree and immediately pour glitter over that side as well. Continue until entire tree is finished. Pat glitter down with hand so everything is secure. You can spray with a clear spray paint if you wish to lock in all the glitter so it doesn't flake off from time to time.