Giant Christmas Blocks

Christmas is my favorite time of the year so I say go big or go home! 

You have probably seen these giant Christmas blocks at department stores or at giant outdoor venues and they are usually super expensive and constructed with giant pieces of wood. Now, how would you feel if I told you, you could make these babies at home with a cardboard box!? I know, right. You are probably thinking I sound like an infomercial and I should just stop talking and give you the tutorial and I totally value your opinion, but seriously these blocks are rad. They look like the real deal and I love them. Ok, enough. Scroll down and make this awesomeness. 


Giant Christmas Blocks

What you need
Square cardboard boxes
Red or White Spray Paint
Antique gold paint or gold spray paint
Wood letters
Gold Puffy paint (optional)
Hot glue
Wood button plugs
Wood Letters
Gold hardware corners

1. Assemble your box and hot glue ends so they are flat. do not overlap end pieces. Let dry.

2. Spray paint box red and let dry. Fill cracks on ends with puffy gold paint if you want a super clean look. This will also make the edges look "antique".

3. Spray paint all your letters and wood button plugs gold and let dry.

4. Hot glue the letters and all the little button plugs to the box and decorate with any additional wood items you wish to have on your block.

5. Carefully hot glue your metal corners to the box as well. NOTE: The metal will heat up in your hand if you use hot glue, so you can also use regular Elmer's glue for the corners. 

TIP: Place these boxes at your staircase or under your tree. These are made from cardboard so do not place these on the lawn where they can get wet.