Fourth of July Mason Jars

Patriotic Jars.jpg

Fourth of July Mason Jars

What you need
Mason Jars
Spray Paint
Painters Tape
Star Stickers
Blue and White Spray paint
UV Clear Spray paint
Red Acrylic Paint & Paint Brush

Directions (Striped Jar)
1. Tape your mason jar all the way around 3 times, evenly spaced. Press down all the tape so it's not lifting anywhere. To get it perfectly even I used pieces of tape instead of one long piece.

2. Spray paint over the tape with white spray paint and allow to dry.

3. Carefully peel off tape and using a paint brush, add red acrylic paint in between the white paint and allow to dry. Spray everything with a clear spray paint so it doesn't chip off.

Directions (Star Jar)
1. Spray paint your mason jar all white and allow to dry.

2. Spray a UV clear all over the jar and allow to dry now.

3. Once dry you can place your star stickers all over the jar.

4. Spray Dark blue spray paint all over the jar now and let dry.

5. Once dry you can carefully peel off the stickers and spray again with a UV clear coat.