Easter Bunny Moss Garland

When you hear Easter you probably think of bright colored plastic eggs, jelly beans, and lots of chocolate bunnies. Well I'm trying to get you to step outside the Ralphs Easter aisle alright? Come over to the DIY side and make yourself some pretty Easter decor this year. This is easy guys! Would I give you a difficult DIY project!? Noooooo. Ok, well maybe my Ice cream pinata was a paint in the ass, but I promised to never make that again. Follow along below and make this Easter Garland!

Oh and I did this on Home and Family on the Hallmark Channel this week. And if you didn't watch AGAIN please do do next week or I'm not talking to any of you. XO

Moss Easter Bunny Garland

What you need
48" x 13" SuperMoss (available at craft stores and fabric stores like Joannes) or above
Hot Glue
Cardboard or foam core
Stencil or computer print out
Hole punch

1. Download a bunny template or use a favorite stencil and trace your stencil onto thick cardboard. Trace about 10 bunnies if you want long garland.

2. Cut out all the card board bunnies and roll out your moss.

3. Using hot glue lay your first cardboard bunny down on the mesh side of the moss and cut around the bunny leaving a 1/2" trim so it's larger than the template.

4. Do the same with the other side of the bunny so it's completely covered with moss.  

5. Glue down any edges that are pealing up. Continue with the rest of the moss bunnies and hole punch both the sides of the bunnies to hang with string. Hot glue flowers onto the collars of the bunnies if desired.