DIY Peter Pan Collar Necklace

I am in LOVE with these Peter Pan collar necklaces. These are so trendy right now and you can find them in the high end department stores for thousands of dollars. You can wear these necklaces with anything. I rocked my DIY version with jeans and a tank.

I made these collar necklaces on Home and Family on the Hallmark Channel.
To watch the video you can see it here! DIY Peter Pan Collar Necklace Video

These are soooo beautiful. To make one and download the template scroll down!


DIY Peter Pan Collar Necklace

What you need
(1) 8.5" x 11" sheet of soft felt ($0.33 at Michaels)
Tacky Glue ($1.50)
Beads, Pearls, or Sequins
Silk Ribbon or something nice
Needle and thread (optional)

1. First you need to download the template:  Peter Pan Collar Template

2. Print the template out and trace it onto your felt. I like the black felt because it really makes the beads pop. Cut your collar out of your felt. Note: You can also use leather, fabric, cotton. Something soft works best.

3. Apply a pretty decent amount of tacky glue over a portion of your surface and start adding your beads quickly. The glue will absorb into the fabric so it's best to do this in sections.

4. Continue adding more glue and beads until your necklace is covered. Allow to dry for 24 hours.

5. Flip your collar over and had stitch your ribbon strands to the edges of your collar. You can also use some tacky glue for this. I just like to hand stitch for extra strength.