DIY Lace Denim Shorts

Ok, let me first start by saying it's 105 today. Literally 105 degrees in LA. Ridiculous. I would walk around naked if it was acceptable.
But it's not.
And that's weird.
So instead I made shorts.
Short shorts. 
With Lace.
I don't know if you know but lace on denim is superrrrrr (said with a valley girl accent) trendy right now. You can find shorts like this in stores for up to $90. Yes!
I made these on Home & Family on the Hallmark Channel today for $10. Yes!
They are totally HOT and beyond easy.
And, if you can't sew you can use fabric glue.
Follow the tutorial below.

To see me make these shorts on the Hallmark Channel watch the video here:
DIY Lace Shorts Tutorial


$90 dollars in the store. $10 at home. LOVE!


Lace Denim Shorts

What you need
(1) pair of denim shorts
(1) 8-10" doily
Needle and thread or Fabric Glue


1. Using a pair of fabric scissors cut up the sides of your shorts.

2. Cut up the seam of your shorts about 2 inches.

3. Now cut on the sides of the seam so it makes more of a triangle.

4. Now take a 8"-10" lace doily and cut a triangle out of the doily so it fits your triangle on your shorts and overlaps just a bit.

5. And using either fabric glue or a needle and thread apply your lace doily triangle to the sides of the shorts. So easy!

NOTE: I like to sew my doily on because it last longer. Fabric glue is great, but it's not as durable.